Divi has recently made the spectacular leap from a WYSIWYG webpage creator to a full WordPress theme designer!

I’ve always enjoyed making websites, but I don’t like having to style each page, even if it’s simply importing a template to start with.  Divi 4.0 takes most of the grunt work out of maintaining a consistent look throughout your blog entries with its new Theme Builder.  I have to admit, I haven’t had much time to explore the full power of this new feature, but it promises to be a game-changer for me once I get back some “hobbyist time” to dress up my favorite web projects.

Even before Divi 4.0, though, I was delighted to purchase a lifetime license last Black Friday.  It’s really been a blast, and you won’t find Divi for sale any cheaper than on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  You may also pick up any of a bunch of add-ons for free that usually cost extra as the Black Friday sale progresses.

I’m sharing this link because I love Divi.  It’s as simple as that.  I’m submitting this post to Elegant Themes during their Mac Pro contest, but I have no expectation that I will be compensated for posting this link.  I’m just a hobbyist who’s been making webpages since 1994, and Divi really makes modern web design accessible in a way that I haven’t experienced on other platforms since those early years.

You can check out Divi’s Black Friday Sale at the following link: