If You’re Thinking of Getting Divi, Black Friday is the day to do it!

Divi is a a website builder.  I use it as a “tinker tool,” playing around with webpages which were simple in the Netscape Navigator days and got progressively more complicated as I went through Adobe Pagemill and GoLive!  At one point, I loved playing with Radio Userland, but getting things to look exactly the way I wanted them to became time-prohibitive for me as I started several blogs on WordPress.  A wonderful blogging system, but learning to customize it took time I didn’t have.

Divi is a clever builder that brings the fun and customization back in reach of the person who just wants to blog as a hobby.  I highly recommend it to anyone who’s interested in making something besides the cookie-cutter themes that are available for WordPress.

But this time of year, there’s a special Black Friday sale and event.  There’s no better time to get on board with Divi than now.  Here’s a link to the special sale, and if you end up getting it, please let me know what you think of it and how you’re using it!

Click here for the Divi Black Friday Sale, and enjoy!