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New Eyes Of Jabober

An update, honored Guildmates!  You may pass along these new “Eyes” to all followers of Jabober.  Use this Craft as you see fit.  For more information, see my previous message – Perception of Jabober. All my...

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Perception of Jabober

Greetings Guildmates!  It has occurred to me that some of you would benefit from the Craft of Perception as it was revealed to me, to be passed along to all followers of Jabober.  The following attachement is a tome on how to do...

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The New Tanaan Mercenary Academy is the finest school of it’s type.  As such, it operates under some very strict rules.  Rokkath has been my trusty companion for a long time now, but it’s time for his apprenticeship...

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At first, when my good friend Halmar hired the mercenary healer Kataura to accompany us on our adventures, I kind of shook my head. It was a convenience, more than anything, I told myself. After all, my trusty Rokkath had fallen...

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A to Z Raconteur

The Calling Written by Community Member Amphar in honor of Okosar the Raconteur In the beginning, before my home of Ak’Anon was threatened by the shadow of the Bloodmoon, I was a simple clockwork engineer, fresh out of the...

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