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Giants, Giants, and….

Last night I answered the call from an Emmisary of Veeshan concerning Giants.  I was going to slay three, but I spent a complete evening in Velketor’s Labyrinth only to come up empty.  I’m sure I could have taken...

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Okosar, Favored of the Gods

Agnostic enchanters don’t normally seek favor with the gods of Norrath. There is kind of an unwritten rule: you don’t show disrespect for them, and they don’t drop your illusion in the middle of Oggok (or worse). A quid pro quo...

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Crime-Fighting Duo

Some heroes are born.  Others are created.  Still others are called.  When the god of Justice asks you if you love justice; if the fire of justice burns in your heart?  Halmar and I were compelled to say, “Yes,” to...

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City of Mist: Shortcut

As we lounged in the splendor of our Guild Hall and caught up with each other’s latest adventures, my good friend Halmar, the Erudite wizard, suddenly turned to a matter that he had been working on. His eyes twinkled as he...

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Steamfont: Ominous Rumble

After camping in the Steamfont Mountains, I settled in for a night’s sleep. At about 3:00 in the morning, I was awakened by an ominous rumble from the mountains to the northeast. I broke camp, activated my roboboar, and rushed...

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