Month: November 2007

Steamfont: An End, And A Beginning?

To: Investigator Geo Friinok, Gem Choppers From: Reconnoiterer Okosar Re: Final Report An End, And A Beginning? As I’m sure you heard, Meldrath’s fortress has been repelled for the time being, and Gnomes all over Faydwer are starting to resume their normal lives again. I am thankful to have had the opportunity to have contributed, even in a small way, to the defense of our people, our city, and our culture. As I roam the mountains of Steamfont and watch her residents pick themselves back up and put together their old lives, I am struck by the resilient nature of us Gnomes. I know your investigation will officially close soon, if it has not already done so, but I wanted to share with you something a terrified Brownie was trying to tell me, what seems like so long ago. Sages and Seers will tell you that every time a door closes, another one opens. They are talking about opportunity. I recently took the opportunity to look around at the mangled landscape of the construction site and launchpad of Fortress Mechanotus. The fortress is gone, but it left behind an avenue to lands we could not previously reach. As I close this final report, I leave to you and to our people, this opportunity for further exploration and adventure. Many safe travels! Dutifully yours,...

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Steamfont: The Threat Revealed

To: Investigator Geo Friinok, Gem Choppers From: Reconnoiterer Okosar Re: Sixth Report: The Threat Revealed! I awoke in my bed in Ak’Anon to a thundering sound, louder than the rumbles that had until this point been coming from the mining caves. As I gathered my gear, I came up with a score of questions for Commander Gearswitch. On my way out, I decided to inspect the old defenses inside the city itself. I thought to myself the giant crossbow that had saved the city in the past was looking a little antiquated in light of this new danger. I patted the clockwork soldiers manning the bow on the back and gave told them to stay sharp. Of course, they were already designed to do that. As I rushed out the final tunnel to the surface, I bid farewell to Emissary Delbin. His demeanor was night and day from that of the clockwork defenders. “The sky! The sky! Is this a sign of our lord’s displeasure? What have we done to alienate ourselves from him? Surely this means dire consequences for the world of Norrath. Without the sun we shall all perish! Repent! Repent! The end is nigh!” Sensing I had no time to calm him down, I immediately ascended to Steamfont. Though I could not see it at the moment, I gathered by talking to Gnomes on the way...

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Steamfont: Escalation in Steamfont

To: Investigator Geo Friinok, Gem Choppers From: Intelligencer Okosar Re: Fifth Report, Escalation in Steamfont Based upon my recommendations as garrison commander at the gates of Ak’Anon, the King has decided to dramatically increase our defensive presence in Steamfont Mountains. My recent discovery of a new kind of steamwork in the mining valley helped make the decision easy. The King also freed me from the responsibility of commanding the defense force in order that I continue to pursue my investigation of the growing chaos in Steamfont. Our tactical victories allowed me to venture into the wilderness early in order to get a jump on the investigation. On my way out, I found what looked to be a small abandoned enemy camp. The only remaining occupant was too weak to flee. Even injured and completely helpless against me, he would not divulge any information on the Minotaurs, their plans, Meldrath, or the steamworks. I did not take pleasure in what I had to do. If word got out, though, that Minotaurs who didn’t give up valuable intelligence may still be spared, our efforts at unraveling this mystery would be seriously handicapped. I continued my journey to an outlying camp of Observers. I spoke with both Tindo and Brona Frugrin, observers for the Eldritch Collective. They both seemed very happy to see another Gnome. “Greetings!” Tindo began. “It’s good to see...

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Steamfont: Clashes in Steamfont

To: Investigator Geo Friinok, Gem Choppers From: Investigator and Defender, Okosar Re: Fourth Report, Clashes in Steamfont Between waves of Minotaur skirmishers, I’ve designated myself “scouting party of one” and taken the opportunity to continue the investigation as well as determine the displacement of enemy forces. The investigation turned up a new name you would do well to keep an eye on. Feddi Dooger. Feddi Dooger interrupted my rounds by calling to me, “I find your sanity sickening and the madness of Meldrath cannot tolerate you much longer.” “Do I know you?” I asked. Dooger refused to utter another word, instead eyeing me disdainfully. Once again, the theme of sanity and madness brings itself into the forefront of the investigation. We must all keep our wits about us, that is for certain. I will have to meditate on the significance of this “shadow of madness” that Meldrath seems to cast over those his presence touches. My investigation continued, and I met a remarkable Gnome named Fodin Frugrin. He greeted me, “Hello, Okosar. Have you ever peered beyond our little world? Somewhere out there in the vast darkness is a world filled with great technology and adventure. Our people should concentrate on reaching these distant worlds beyond the sparkling skies.” What he said hit a chord with me as I remembered my Brownie friend’s admonition, “’You just wait, soon enough...

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Steamfont: Urgent Communiqué

To: Investigator Geo Friinok, Gem Choppers From: Freelance Investigator Okosar Re: Third Report on Steamfront happenings. Urgent Communiqué I have some very grave news to relay to you. I will make it brief. I was awakened this morning by a violent rumble accompanied by the sounds of explosions that could be heard in the mountains to the northeast of Steamfont. The severity of the tremor hastened me to break camp and investigate. On my way toward the Minotaur mining caves, I discovered some unsettling news. The steamworks had increased their range, and were now free of the confines of the mining valley. I continued on to the valley only to find it peppered with Minotaur soldiers! These soldiers seemed to be organizing to launch some kind of assault. As soon as they detected my presence, they attacked. My trusty animated swords lunged to my defence and between the two of us, we were able to inflict enough losses that the Minotaurs needed to regroup. I immediately took the opportunity to retreat to Ak’Anon, post haste, where my report was heard by King Ak’Anon himself. The king, though completely mechanized for many centuries now, seemed pensive. “I have been expecting this, Okosar. Will you take command of our defenses in Steamfont? I will put in your charge an elite squad of defenders to be positioned just outside our city’s gates....

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